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My Recent Challenges, And What I Learned

Over the past months, I’ve been working to resolve a major setback on my business.

It’s been exhausting, frustrating, challenging and rewarding in equal measures. But along the way I’ve discovered several eye-opening lessons about success and ‘thinking like an entrepreneur’.

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In the home Tips Newsletter, you will learn the soft skills that entrepreneurs need to possess and be successful ’ — on this recent journey…

… and I’ll share the life-changing insights I’ve gained, as well as how these lessons specifically apply to you as an entrepreneur.

I once heard that entrepreneurship — whether in real estate or in business — is like jumping out of a plane and trying to build the parachute before you hit the ground.

That rush of fear, excitement and exhilaration is something I’ve felt almost daily now for many months.

I’ll talk about the ups-and-downs… the wins-and-loses… and, most importantly, how the valuable lessons I’ve learned about the ‘entrepreneurial mindset’ can be applied to your situation.

I’ve never ‘opened up’ like this before and I’m not sure if I will do this ever again.

Early May my website was hacked by hackers. I could not log in to mt Word Press blog to update and add new new content.

I contacted my previous hosting and developer to investigate and fix the problem. Still the problem was not resolved and advised to seek help from other advanced sources. And that was going to cost me thousands of dollars.

So I decided to transfer my website to another hosting company that had more advanced tools and technology.

It was discovered that the whole data base was infected and there was no way of recovering the content except to delete the data and start afresh. Just imagine all the worked I had put in since 2007 was going to be deleted!

As an entrepreneur, I had to make a decision!

My decision was to delete the whole data and start a new chapter… and a way forward.

I contacted the developer of Plug- In Profit Site if he could rebuilt my website. He was willing to rebuilt it at no cost at all. Today my site is running well and all security measures are now in place to at least keep secured and out of the hackers.

So if you’re interested in discovering these lessons and how to apply them in your own journey, subscribe to our “home Tips Newsletter” and receive tips on how you can have insight into the entrepreneurial mind!


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