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Revised Magnetic Sponsoring Free E Book is Out

Grab Your Free Copy before it disappears!

Magnetic Sponsoring by Mike Dillard is near and dear to the heart of many marketers and I for a couple reasons..

This book and it’s message is what helped many marketers like Mark Hoverson rise into the Legend that he was and the Legacy that he was able to leave.

The message contained in this book is even more valuable and prevalent today than it was back in 2008.
With the ease that technology has brought for more and more people to be online and marketing, the necessity for YOU to stand out and attract YOUR crowd is more important than ever.

Mark got himself in front of any audience he could.

At the time it was only Youtube and webinars.

Mark Hoverson showed up even when no one else did.

✅He Hosted webinars.

✅He made Youtube Videos.

✅and He made Personal Branding videos.

and what REALLY drew people to Mark?


He was the same in front of the camera as he was off of the camera.

Step 1: Get in front of people

Step 2: Be YOU

Step 3: Repeat

By being true to who you are, you will attract your “CREW” so to speak.

And as they grow to know, like and trust you and the more and more they are ‘with’ you, the more they will likely be your ‘LIFERS’.

They will follow you anywhere you go.

They will buy anything you tell them to buy.

They will go to your funeral.


Because you brought them value while being YOU and they liked that. And they liked YOU.

So, #1This Magnetic Sponsoring strategy is a MUST READ.

(PLUS, there are 4 NEW CHAPTERS mapping out the exact step by step model on how to do this) 🙃#micdrop

#2 – If you read the message Mark wrote , you will see that Mark emphasises that it was because Magnetic Sponsoring took a risk on Mark and his first solo product, ‘Leadership Branding’, that he was able to really explode and put himself on the map.

So, I know Mark would be pleased to see us invest in ourselves and in a book and company that helped put him on the map.

#3 – This book helped change the industry for the better and helped more entrepreneurs rise to the top in whatever they were doing, MLM, Affiliate Marketing, Info. Products, etc.

I would like to give back to my readers AND I know that this book will change your life for the better.

I recently read this book in it’s entirety and it has already given me permission to step out into who I am, proud and unashamed. We shall see what lies ahead, but, I am gaining more confidence as I follow the strategies put forth in the book. 

#4 – This book tells more than a strategy to build, ‘YOU, Inc.’, this book tells a story of a 20 something year old not quitting on his vision for the future. 

The persistence and continuing on despite the circumstances should inspire us all.

I believe in YOU! Wherever you are at in life, you can make your vision come to life.

You have a product to sell, now it’s your time to let the world know you and know that you have something that they want to buy and they didn’t even know it!

📣Ok, go grab your FREE Book, (just pay shipping and handling), and get up to $1k in free bonuses because they just launched the Revised Edition with 4 new chapters 📣(This ends in like 5 days, the bonuses that is.)


AND THEN increase your financial literacy…

Here is your money

Get Smart About Social Marketing

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Now let’s dive into today’s informative content…

Ask any newish marketer about how they go about handling social media
marketing for their online marketing and you get this sort of glazed over,
distant, somewhat sad look as they embarrassingly admit they haven’t yet
really made much of a start.

Yet you really need to understand that social media is now far more than a
shiny new toy to play with. Google and the other search engines have said
that they use social post and popularity as factors in their ranking
algorithms, so the gauntlet has been thrown down.

It’s go social, or home!

However, it’s not as fearsome as task as it may appear on the surface.
For those who don’t know a Tweet from a Tumblelog, the good news is that
there are some simple ways to go about this in a sane manner.

First, focus on the big ones. Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter.

Having a business presence on these is a great start, and in fact may be
all you need. Arm yourself with tools that can help. There are several
great tools for monitoring social posts, such as TweetDeck and Hootsuite,
and several others and several others that allow you to post to multiple
sites at the same time, such as Posterous and Ping.FM.

Use these to your advantage.

Don’t fall into the trap of using automated content posts however.
You’ve seen them. A different quote from someone famous (whom you never
heard of!) appearing sagely in your space. I’m not a big fan of those.

Instead, post regularly, and be real.

This is the age of know, like and trust. And social media is far and away
the fastest and easiest way to accomplish this!


Charles Kaluwasha

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Easy Ways To Build Your Email List

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Now let’s dive into today’s informative content…

Since we know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that building your list is the
single most important thing you’ll do in your online business, the only
question that remains is…exactly how do you do that?

Fair question.

There are many ways, but I’ll go over the easiest ways I know of to get
you started.

– Have an opt-in form on your blog or site, prominently placed above the
fold. (Upper half of the page). Integrate your opt-in to an autoresponder.

I use Aweber and Getresponse email marketing services for my businesses.

– Create a terrific piece of free content, in the form of a report, ebook,
whitepaper, video or especially a webinar, where you can direct prospects.

– Create a squeeze page on your site that gives this content away in
exchange for their email.

– Work a link to this squeeze page into as much of your promotional content as possible. Some great ways to do this include guest posts, article,
document sharing sites, videos, solo ads, social networking sites, your
Facebook page, Web 2.0 sites and paid advertising.

– Participate in ad swaps as soon as you have a list on any consequence.
This can be a free and easy way to exponentially grow your list in a highly
targeted fashion.

– Provide as much value as possible, and get them wanting more!

However you do it, make sure you do it! Your email list will be the key
ingredient to long lasting success in your online ventures. Get started now!

Charles Kaluwasha

P.S. Get 5 Checks Per Month – No Experience Needed! It takes
multiple streams of income to succeed online. We have the
TOP five programs online all under ONE roof! You can get started
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P.P.S. I’m an affiliate for the products referenced in my emails.
That means I make money if you decide to buy something. But I only
tell you about the really good stuff – the stuff that works. My
ultimate goal is to partner with you and help you build a successful
business online. I hope you understand that. If you have questions,
or want to get in touch with me, leave a comment below. I’m human… 🙂

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