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Benefits and Needs For Fibre In The Diet

While there is a wide range of foods that provide fiber, in today’s world, it is difficult for most of us to consume enough fiber to satisfy the daily minimums. The article below from “Food is Medicine”, shares twenty foods that provide high levels of fiber.

Today’s Western diet probably satisfies only about half of the recommended amount of fiber that you need. As the article states: this is a big deal because high fiber foods guard against a number of diseases like cancer, heart disease, and obesity. Many processed foods are “fiber enriched”, but these are not the most desirable source of this valuable (and indispensable) dietary need.

The article makes the case for foods high in fiber as the best way to satisfy your needs, it also admits that it is unlikely that you will be able to with diet alone. It also identifies the probability that you will need a supplement to meet your daily requirements. It also points out that the quality of the supplement can and will make a big difference.

An effective supplement will contain a recommended balance of both soluble and insoluble fiber. Insoluble fiber provides bulk in the digestive system which helps the elimination process, expelling carcinogens and toxins from the bowels. Soluble fiber is actually retained in the bodily system, creating a gel that prolongs elimination so that key nutrients can be absorbed more efficiently.

delicious healthy mix leaves salad with red onions and cucumber
Photo by Lachlan Ross on Pexels.com

Some fiber supplements do not contain soluble fiber at all. Still, others do not contain enough insoluble fiber to do the job properly. It is important to have the correct balance of both. As has been stated, a healthy diet is best and this list of high in fiber foods will give you a handy guide for healthy meal planning.

The company with whom I am associated offers a complete array of supplements and high-in-fiber snacks that allows me to effectively control my fiber intake daily. They all contain both insoluble and soluble fiber. I am convinced that my good health is as a result of these indispensable products. Here’s to your health!   


Probiotics Can Be The Answer To Good Health

You have probably seen or heard about probiotics in recent advertising or news stories. Probiotics can improve digestion, aid in weight management, increase energy, help with clear thinking, give you healthier skin and strengthen your immune system.

There are bad bacteria in your gut that can cause negative reactions to your health. That’s why it is important that you add good bacteria to your diet with probiotics. It is even more important if you are or have recently been on an antibiotic regime. Antibiotics don’t discriminate; they kill ALL bacteria, not just the bad ones, as the below post from “The Gut Health Project” points out.

The importance of a balance of gut flora cannot be overstated, among other things, it can help relieve joint pain, help prevent anxiety and depression, increase your energy and obviously improve bowel function. All of these contribute to your overall well-being. As you will read, it doesn’t stop there either.

There are thousands of case studies that support these conclusions. Many physicians, in fact, believe that there is no more important supplement that you can take than an efficient probiotic. Listed here are six telltale signs that you need an effective probiotic. You will see, it is NOT ONLY for digestive issues.

You must choose your probiotic carefully. Choose one that is pure and effective, assuring widespread benefits. So take care of your gut and you will take care of your health, too. 


What We Know About Habits and Neural Pattens

brick brickwall brickwork cement
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According to the latest research, it takes anywhere from a few weeks to a year to add a new habit to your neural profile. Simple habits require less time for the desired behaviour to take hold. (SOURCE)

But what if you have always thought and believed you’re not good enough, not smart enough; that you’re unworthy . . . and that if you fail, you’ll be embarrassed, ashamed, and ridiculed? If this is the case, you have some work to do. You’ll need to retrain your brain to successfully break free from what’s keeping you from reaching your goals. You see, a brain that feels its ego is being threatened will revert to its comfort zone. A mind in turmoil will return to the safety of old habits because there’s stress when there’s chaos. 

And when there’s stress, blood flow moves away from the genius part of your brain . . . and the emotional response center of your brain gets flooded with fear.  When this happens, a part of your brain called the amygdala responds to the whole fear-based situation by shutting down your motivation circuits.  So to release fearful emotions and nurture the genius part of your brain, do today’s Innercise. With practice, you can unlock your brain’s full potential.  DO TODAY’S INNERCISE  
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