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[TIME] Charles’s Daily Dose of Positivity for Aug 10, 2020

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Charles Kaluwasha here with your favorite four-letter word and the Monday edition 🙂

“A great leader’s courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position.” ~ John Maxwell

Ponder that my friend. Then go refill Monday’s prescription for Positivity with brand new videos on the Link to Freedom blog!

And remember: Mindset matters most when it comes to ALL forms of success, so keep feeding your mind the good stuff only!

Happy Monday,
Charles Kaluwasha

PS: Your password to prosperity is ‘TIME’ (no quotes, all CAPs). You’ll need your password for this 😉

Why is Everyone Going Bananas Over Conversion Gorilla?

Seems like everyone has Conversion Gorilla fever. People can’t stop talking about it. Marketers everywhere can’t believe how well it works to boost conversions, subscribers and sales. Even seasoned pros are singing its praises because they’re seeing firsthand just how well it works.

All of this buzz got me curious… does Conversion Gorilla really live up to the hype? Or is everyone going bananas over nothing?

Maybe you have the same questions. You want to separate the marketing hype from reality. And that’s exactly why I’ve taken the time to review this app from top to bottom and share the truth about it with you.

Take a look…

Just what is Conversion Gorilla, anyway?

You’ve probably heard that Conversion Gorilla is a good way to boost conversions and sales. But maybe you’re wondering how, exactly, it works its magic.

The answer…

Conversion Gorilla is an attention bar and countdown timer rolled into one. It works hard to grab attention with an easily customizable attention bar where you can put almost any kind of offer or announcement. For example:

•  Special offers, such as a discount coupon code.
•  Flash sale announcements.
•  product launch announcements.
•  Breaking industry news.
•  Product or service benefits.
•  Testimonials.
•  Video sales letters.
•  Advertisements.
•  Opt-in offers.
•  Exit offers.
•  Upsells.
•  Redirects to related content or offers.
•  Welcome messages on any web page.
•  Affiliate bonus announcements (you can even overlay these on third-party sites if you use Conversion Gorilla Pro).

And that’s not even an exhaustive list! It’s only limited to your imagination. If you have an important bit of content or a special offer to share, you can make sure your visitors see it by using an attention bar.

One really great option is that Conversion Gorilla also lets you add countdown timers to any of your attention bars. That means you can add a sense of urgency and boost conversions.

For example:

•  Count down to a product launch.
•  Tick away the hours and minutes left during a flash sale.
•  Count down the minutes left to take advantage of a one-time offer.
•  Show how much time left to enter a contest.
•  Display how much time remains before a special event (like a webinar) starts.

Plus much, much more. If you want to light a fire under your visitors, then one of the very best ways to do it is with a countdown timer. And Conversion Gorilla makes it easy to add a countdown timer to any or your notification bars!

And that’s not the only way Conversion Gorilla is customizable. All you have to do is log into your Conversion Gorilla dashboard, and with just a few clicks of your mouse, you can fully control the look and behaviour of your attention bar. This includes:

•  Changing the colour and size of the attention bar.
•  Inserting any text you want to appear on the bar.
•  Tweaking the appearance of the font (e.g., bold, italics, etc.).
•  Changing the look of your call to action button.
•  Inserting images or videos.
•  Deciding when the bar appears (e.g., immediately, on exit, after a set amount of time, etc.).

You don’t need to know anything about coding to make these changes – all you have to do is point and click from within your Conversion Gorilla dashboard. And once you’ve created the bar to your liking (which literally takes just a couple minutes), all you have to do is copy and paste a small bit of code into your web page where you want your bar to appear.

It’s fantastically easy!

Does Conversion Gorilla Work?

You bet it does. Some marketers are reporting getting up to 700% more clicks on their attention bars versus using on-page links and buttons. So, if you’re still using on-page calls to action, then you’re definitely going to want to give Conversion Gorilla a try!

Another benefit of this app is that you’ll know instantly whether it’s working. That’s because Conversion Gorilla includes your basic built-in statistics, so you can log into your dashboard and see with a quick glance which of your attention bars are getting clicks, opt-ins and other conversions.

If you see an attention bar that’s not getting the clicks, you can change the text, colour, offer or anything else directly from your dashboard, and your attention bar will instantly update on your website. You don’t need to fiddle with code, you don’t need to re-insert anything into your web pages, and you don’t need to do any FTPing or other file uploads. Conversion Gorilla makes it easy to change your attention bars in a snap and on the fly!

Finally, another big benefit of Conversion Gorilla is that it’s been tested to work across devices and platforms. Whether your visitor is viewing your web page from a big desktop PC or from their iPhone, you can rest assured they’re seeing (and clicking on!) your attention bars.

Are There Any Downsides?

Like any tool, Conversion Gorilla isn’t 100% perfect. As a personal preference, I’d like to see more font options to really customize the look and feel of the attention bars. However, you can easily work around this by using images in the attention bar.

That’s just my opinion. If you’re using fairly standard fonts on your website, then this may not be an issue for you at all.

But here’s why any potential downside is really not a problem at all…

This software is developed and maintained by Simon Hodgkinson and Jeremy Gislason, who are well-known in the industry for providing outstanding support for all of their apps and other products. And one thing they’ve always done is accepted feature requests from their customers. If you think that adding a specific feature would be beneficial to you and other users, let the developers know… and there’s a good chance they’ll add that feature in the next update.

Indeed, Hodgkinson and Gislason are constantly improving all of their products, and I expect Conversion Gorilla is no different. Though as the features get added, the price is bound to go up – so that’s why it makes sense to buy now while you can still lock in a really low price.

Check it out here: www.conversiongorilla.com

The Verdict?

Here’s the bottom-line question: is Conversion Gorilla right for you?

If you’re a web developer or otherwise well-versed in coding languages, then Conversion Gorilla is probably more of a luxury rather than a necessity for you. If you can already create attention bars and countdown timers in two minutes or less – and change them on the fly across all your websites – then you don’t really need this tool.

For the rest of us, however, Conversion Gorilla is a really valuable tool. It makes it quick and easy to create attention bars, with or without conversion-boosting countdown timers. And in turn, these attention bars are a powerful and effective way to direct your traffic, generate more opt-ins, more clicks, more sales, and more conversions.

Now here’s the best part…

Conversion Gorilla is completely risk-free. If you’re not sure if it’s right for you – if you’re not totally convinced that this is a quick and easy way to start getting better results and a higher ROI from all your traffic – you can try it for 30 days risk-free. Put it to work, kick the tires for a full month. If you’re not thrilled with this app for any reason, simply contact the developers within 30 days for a full and prompt refund.

Fair enough?

So, go ahead and check out the demo and learn more about Conversion Gorilla by clicking here: www.conversiongorilla.com

And do it now, because you’re going to like what it does for your bottom line!

The 2020 Small Business Email Marketing Statistics Report.

We are pleased to bring you a survey conducted by Aweber of over 1,000 small businesses and 10 of the top email marketing experts in the world to help bring you this overview of small business email statistics.  

In this overview, you will learn actionable best practices from the world’s top email marketing experts and business owners.

Here are some of the sneak pick inside the free report:

79% of small businesses said email marketing is important to their business strategy

65% of small business average open rates between 11% and 50%

54% of small businesses send emails at least once per week

How will this report help you grow my business?

You will learn actionable best practices from the world’s top email marketing experts and business owners.

You will see for yourself how your email marketing stacks up and discover opportunities to improve your strategy, copywriting, and design.

And you will gain access to FREE resources to help you grow your email list, improve your email copywriting, and more.

Want to gain free resources to help you grow your email list, improve your email copywriting, and more?  Then Download your free 2020 Small Business Email Marketing Statistics report here

Better writers get better jobs


How Can You Not Love Google?

We all know that Google is the 900 lb gorilla when it comes to web search,
but there is a lot more to this behemoth than may not be easily apparent.
There is a wealth of applications, tools, and services that can not only
enhance your business, but increase your productivity many times over.

Fly with us unlock with “TIMEWe are pleased to invite you to take a look by watching a video on this link. Use the following password “TIME”(all in caps)    There’s something we can’t wait to share with you! We promise this will be time well spent.

Let’s take a look at a few of the free tools Google provides:

Google Plus – Also referred to as Google+, this is Google’s social
network which is growing in popularity every day. Don’t like Facebook?
You might like the differences that Google+ offers.

Alerts – Google Alerts are email notices of anything Google comes across
that is of interest to you. You set keywords and they deliver topical info.
A great way to keep up on the news of your market or your competitors.

Chrome – Google’s web browser. It’s very fast, and popular nowadays.

Toolbar – Google’s toolbar is a useful tool for webmasters. If you’ve
got your own website, check out Google Toolbar!

Trends – Keep up with the latest trends in your market or niche. You can
see hot searches and topics, as well as historical data.

Labs – See what’s next in the Google pipeline before it makes it into
the mainstream. Many of these tools are available to use while in labs.

Blogger – Google’s self-serve blogging platform. It’s very easy to
use. You can set up your own blog and be online in minutes.

Calendar – A very useful app for scheduling your day, week month and
year. It’s easy to use and integrate with other apps.

Google Docs – A suite of productivity tools similar to Word that can not
only help you you do simple tasks, but also to work in collaboration with
anyone you choose.

Gmail – A very popular and effective email program, Gmail is becoming
ubiquitous on the Web. Nearly everyone has one these days, and they have a business application as well. It’s got lots of storage and features.

Google Reader – Google Reader lets you find and compile all your
favourite news feeds here in one place and read them conveniently. It’s
very simple to use and can save you lots of time.

This is just the tip of the iceberg! There is much more, but there are of
particular interest to marketers. See what works for you and put Google to
work! They are ALL just a Google search away…


Charles Kaluwasha

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TOP five programs online all under ONE roof! You can get started
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P.P.S. I’m an affiliate for the products referenced in my emails.
That means I make money if you decide to buy something. But I only
tell you about the really good stuff – the stuff that works. My
ultimate goal is to partner with you and help you build a successful
business online. I hope you understand that. If you have questions
or want to get in touch with me, just reply to this email. I’m human… 🙂

5 Tips to Be More Productive

Sign up as a valued subscriber to my Home Business Tips newsletter.
You can always update your subscription settings below.

Now let’s dive into today’s informative content…

All of us want to improve our productivity, and basically just get more
things done! There are only so many hours in a day, and we aren’t yet
able to clone ourselves successfully. By the looks of things, we may not be
far off though… 😉

However, there are some principles you can implement that will make your
work time that much more productive, and at the end of the day result in
getting more things done! Here are five that I live by:

Daily goals – Without a clear focus, it’s too easy to succumb to
distractions. Set targets for each day in advance. Decide what you’ll do;
then do it.

Ready, Fire, Aim! – Bust procrastination by taking action immediately after
setting a goal, even if the action isn’t perfectly planned. You can
always adjust your course along the way.

Unhook from technology – Do yourself a favor and disconnect while you are
working on critical items. Give yourself a chance to properly focus and
concentrate without the intrusion from phones, emails and people!

The Pareto Principle – The Pareto principle is the 80-20 rule, which states
that 80% of the value of a task comes from 20% of the effort.  Focus your
energy on that critical 20%, and don’t obsess on the non-critical 80%.

Delegate or outsource – Get someone else to do it for you. Whether that
means someone on your staff or an outsourcer, there is no faster way to
scale your efforts.

Practising these tried and true productivity principles will skyrocket your
effectiveness and result in far greater achievements!

Charles Kaluwasha

P.S. Get 5 Checks Per Month – No Experience Needed! It takes
multiple streams of income to succeed online. We have the
TOP five programs online all under ONE roof! You can get started
now for less than dinner and a movie! Get the exciting details…

P.P.S. I’m an affiliate for the products referenced in my emails.
That means I make money if you decide to buy something. But I only
tell you about the really good stuff – the stuff that works. My
ultimate goal is to partner with you and help you build a successful
business online. I hope you understand that. If you have questions,
or want to get in touch with me, just reply to this email. I’m human… 🙂

NO HYPE — JUST THE FACTS! For more than 10 years,
we’ve quietly helped real people succeed online. No hype.
No inflated claims. Just the facts about how to have your
own automated online business starting now. Learn more:
531 Taincrow Way
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Perth WA 6174

Create and share the best content you can!

In case it has escaped your attention, the competition we all face online
these days is becoming ever more fierce, day by day. Thousands of websites
come online daily, and many of those are in your market or niche.

Getting noticed or highly ranked is harder than it ever has been, and there
is really only one solution for besting this increased level of
competition and that lies in delivering the best content possible!

Back in the day, it was possible to pass off mediocre content and still get
ranked in the search engines and drive traffic.

No longer!

Google has gone on a quality quest. They are committed to making the
searcher’s experience more useful by getting rid of low-quality content
in the search engines.

So now there is no excuse. Quality should be job one! In fact, it should have been all along. When you are searching for information, do you want
good, better or best?

I thought so. Putting forth the best you can offer in every aspect of your
business is what allows you to stand out from the crowd and succeed in a
highly competitive environment.

In this day and age of a social Web, how you are spoken about by others can impact your bottom line. How do you want to be characterized? The content you create and publish online is one of the most important ways you can shape the perception of your business. Take advantage of this!

Charles Kaluwasha

P.S. Get 5 Checks Per Month – No Experience Needed! It takes multiple streams of income to succeed online. We have the
TOP five programs online all under ONE roof! You can get started now for less than dinner and a movie! Get the exciting details…

P.P.S. I’m an affiliate for the products referenced in my emails.
That means I make money if you decide to buy something. But I only tell you about the really good stuff – the stuff that works. My ultimate goal is to partner with you and help you build a successful business online. I hope you understand that. If you have questions or want to get in touch with me, just leave your comment below or send me an email. I’m human… 🙂

Want More in Life? Open up (today!)

If you’ve ever looked in the mirror and thought to yourself, “I should be doing more, I should have more, I am meant to be more” then this may be the most important email of mine you’ve ever read…

You just know you have more potential inside you to leave a legacy and impact the world, but you’re just not fully reaching it!

If so, then first know you’re not alone…

And secondly, what unlocks our full potential is learning from those who have already transcended, broke the barriers, didn’t listen to the naysayers and used resourcefulness to reach that next level of life, wealth and impact…

Lucky for us, two of the best in the world are sharing the exact strategies needed for you to make your impact on the world and to create next- level success in your life and they’re sharing it for FREE on Thursday, February 27th LIVE! 

Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi have together positively changed millions of lives and they’re two people who I’m fortunate to call my mentors and people I respect the most…

And for only the second time EVER (and the only time this year) they’re going LIVE to pull back the curtain and share what they’ve learned in their combined 60+ year careers of making an impact and reaching a level of success we all desire and deserve…

Click below to reserve your spot so you don’t miss out:


The “KBB Method” that Tony and Dean created has become a proven blueprint for methodically extracting the knowledge and experiences you have, sharing them with others who need it, impacting lives and (if properly implemented) allowing NEXT LEVEL success and abundance.

But when these guys first launched this method to the world a year ago, it was just a passion for them… they truly didn’t know how it would be received.

And no one could have expected 200,000 people to show up for their first live training last year (the biggest in internet history) …Tony and Dean started a movement!!

In less than 10 months, 24,000+ people have started using the KBB Method to make more impact, build a legacy and achieve success in over 4,000 niches in 150 different countries…

And if I’m being transparent, yes it’s been so inspiring to watch… but the whole time I’ve been hoping they would go live again so that YOU could access your next level too.

So here I am, excited to finally tell you that you have a chance to hear from these two life-changing experts for FREE and learn how you could access the proven method for using your knowledge and passion to impact lives and (if properly implemented) getting paid for it!

Listen, if you’re not living the exact life you desire and would like more impact, purpose, or success then you need new capabilities and Thursday, February 27th is your chance to gain them.

Hurry and register now with the link below and then make sure to arrive early so you get a spot on the live chat. It’s limited and should fill up fast:


Mark your calendar now -> Thursday February 27th at 5 pm PST

Don’t miss this rare chance to fast track your path to a more fulfilling life and legacy… many other people just like you will say “Yes” to this and ultimately find more purpose and success. Why shouldn’t it be you?

See you there!

Charles  Kaluwasha

P.S. When you register, you’re immediately going to get a brand new, never before seen pre-training from Tony and Dean (no one else will ever get a chance to see this rare training except for us).

P.S.S. And the two special guests, Jenna Kutcher and Russell Brunson they are bringing on are off the charts amazing. It’s going to be epic…

Recruiting Tool For Marketers

5 Steps to becoming a successful affiliate marketer

The following five steps are all it takes to become an affiliate marketer. For the purpose of this article, today we shall discuss only two steps. Look out for the remaining three steps in your email box.

Choose a niche

Your niche is one of the biggest determining factors of your success in generating money. You could start off looking at REI for products and Zappos for outdoor footwear for inspiration. The emphasis here is on finding your niche within broader subjects. A niche can really help you shine in any form of content marketing.

This site includes hundreds of running shoe reviews, and ‘best of’ pages movie fans might specialize in classic movie re-releases.

Generate and grow income

By now, we get the linking people to products concept.

Affiliate networks

Acting as an intermediary between a merchant and the affiliate, an affiliate network is like a marketplace holding a large database of affiliate opportunities. Amazon’s Amazon Associates is by far the biggest network. Simply join, choose which products to advertise and generate as many custom affiliate links to Amazon products.

Find the right products to promote

Affiliate marketplaces like the ones mentioned are the best hunting ground for your product research. Browse your niche and see what the top-performing affiliate programs. Additionally, check out blog posts and articles in your niche. Find out what products they are promoting and the methods they are using.


That’s not to say that you should be using each product you recommend. You should just trust that the product is worth your visitors’ hard-earned cash. It won’t serve you well to willingly recommend anything that may affect your reputation among your site visitors. If a product doesn’t rate well, it’s advantageous all-round to offer alternatives.

Product vs. Browsing between products, you’ll notice a steep difference in the amount of commission offered from one to the next. Often, you’ll find there is a trade-off between the quality of a product and the commission paid. Naturally, it’s tempting to gravitate toward the products that pay the most per sale.

But, realistically, if those products are unlikely to convert, they might not be the best fit.

Product B: $200

Product B: $45

Before getting tempted by high paying products, think about the likelihood of conversion. Your ability to sell this product will dictate your overall commission. One of the most important parts of the affiliate business is finding relevant, quality products to promote. It’s natural to wonder whether the end consumer is at a disadvantage when buying products through an affiliate recommendation.

Since the cost of the affiliate network is included in the recommended retail price, the customer won’t pay more by following an affiliate marketing link and making a purchase that way.

Affiliate marketing, what are the benefits?

Affiliate marketing is simply a way to earn money from another company or individual by promoting their products or services online. You earn a reward for sending a new customer to a company. Making money while you sleep is the dream for most digital marketers. Affiliate marketing is considered passive because you can theoretically earn money just by adding an affiliate link to your site.

Affiliate marketing is popular among digital marketers since it’s a straightforward way to earn some additional income without having to shell out any money in advance. It requires a concerted effort in pushing products and services through all possible online mediums. As an affiliate marketer, you’ll spend a lot of time building relationships, creating promotional content and pushing your brand. It’s more than blogging, vlogging, and reviewing products.

By investing your time in the right affiliate marketing strategies, you’ll gradually accumulate streams of passive income. Fortunately, everything you need to know about getting started with affiliate marketing is included in this guide. Someone browsing the internet landing on a publisher’s website, They are persuaded by the content to clicks an «affiliate link.

Each time a sale is made, the merchant and the publisher each receive a share of revenue according to their contribution.


The merchant goes by many names, from the seller, the brand, the retail or vender and the creator. Anyone with a product to sell can be the merchant behind an affiliate marketing program.


Since you are on this page, it’s safe to assume that you are most interested in joining this party as a publisher or affiliate marketer. If someone makes a purchase as a result of your marketing efforts, you make money. Since publishers generate income from the traffic their website generates, they are tasked with marketing. A publisher isn’t necessarily an individual blogger or YouTuber.

Entire companies operate networks of affiliate marketing websites making tens of millions of dollars in commissions each month.


Once an affiliate marketer has chosen their business products and/ or services, they must think about how is going to be buying them. Determining their target customer base is the first step in their overall marketing strategy. From this niche, we can already safely determine that we want to target men, skateboarders and most likely the under 35’s. It guides you through the process of how to find your target market plus an introduction into how to market content with them in mind.

That’s the basic premise behind affiliate marketing. A merchant and publisher have a mutual agreement to divide commission from any sales or traffic amounted from the publishers marketing efforts. People new to affiliate marketing often ask the questions of the same type, so before we move on to how to get started running your own affiliate marketing business, let’s get them out of the way.

«What’s the catch?»

The neat thing about affiliate marketing is that it’s beneficial for all the involved parties. Advertisers, publishers, and customers alike get something from this type of relationship. Publishers have a way to earn money without stocking a product, and customers can find what they’re looking for while supporting sites they find helpful.

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