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  • When you are looking to host your website, ask yourself this question, “What constitutes a best hosting service”?
  • Does it provide Unlimited Disk Space
  • Does it provide Unlimited Subdomains
  • How many email account is allowed
  • How many MySQL Databases will be allowed to have How many GB VPN Traffic allowed for a standard
  • Do they provide a free service to transfer your website from current one What the cost of a standard hosting
  • What is in place for security
  • What’s the loading time
  • Does it have Full Reseller & Customer Support I have used several hosting companies, most of them do not address the above statements or questions?
  • Until I came across “Kaluwasha Hosting” in association with LiquidNet Ltd. Kaluwasha Hosting shared hosting deals are just what you’re looking for if web site security is important to you and if you’d like your web content to be loaded more quickly to your targeted visitors.

Built with enterprise-grade hardware components, their cutting–edge shared hosting platform guarantees a flawless performance for your site(s). And if you want them to move your content, they ’ll do this free of cost for you. You can try a free trial for 30 days, no credit card required! Check out this link for more information.

30-day risk-Free

Start Your Own Hosting Business in Few Seconds, Its Free and Easy


Posted by: Charles Vincent Kaluwasha | December 22, 2019

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Kaluwasha Hosting in association with NetLiquid Ltd is offering up to 97% off on selected OpenVZ Plans and up to 88% off on selected KVM plans this holiday season to you, our subscribers and readers alike.

In addition, we are inviting you to join our F.REE Reseller Program to help you start 2020 on a positive cash flow journey.

This is a RISK-FREE solution(No upfront charges or extra fees(unlike other companies)

When you sign now, this is what you will get…

  • Full branding
  • Your own responsive and customizable Hosting Store
  • No Reseller Deposits-we will charge your clients directly on your behalf and send you the profit that you set
  • AmazingDiscount for you as a reseller-you get a hosting Package and Domain at wholesale prices
  • Full reseller and customer support 24/7

Let’s make 2020 a year of a better life for you!

The Single Most Important Step You Will Take If You Want To Have A Successful Website

Posted on August 31, 2019August 31, 2019

Everyone is looking for a short-cut to online riches and yet over 99% of those people NEVER use the informational products and money-making tools that they’ve purchased. We get too busy, or too lazy, or we simply procrastinate so long that we forget what we were intending to do in the first place. While there are a lot of get-rich scams out there, I can tell you first hand that there are also some valid income-producing strategies out there. I’ve personally made over $20,000 on the internet as part-time marketer, so I know that it can be done. 

Easy steps to build your next website

Be one of internet’s greatest success stories!

I just don’t want you to be one of the people who never takes action. I want you to be one of the internet’s greatest success stories. The internet has allowed me to have a lifestyle that most people could only dream of, so I want to help give EVERYONE the best possible chances of success. My goal for today is to make sure that YOU get at least one website up and running as soon as possible. 

Regardless of what type of business you are starting — if you do not have a website, you are hurting your business. Without a website, your business looks second rate. Another reason why you need a website is so people can find you. For example, if someone is sitting at home trying to find a good copywriter, they will more than likely turn on the Internet and perform a search. 

If you are a copywriter and you don’t have a website, they cannot find you. And if they cannot find you, they cannot hire you. Plus, some people would rather pop onto your website and email you versus picking up a phone and calling you. Your website will also let people know exactly what type of services you offer and how much you charge. 

They want to know things now. You can also include an online portfolio where prospective clients can view work that you have completed and read past clients’ testimonials. This can help them decide if you are the person who can handle the project they need completed. Having a website will also allow for automated ordering. 

If you sell cosmetics and one of your clients is having a bout of insomnia and decides to surf the web at 2:00 hrs in the morning, they can happily shop for your products at home. They do not need to wait until the next day to call an order in to you. Websites also allow you to do business globally. Instead of focusing on your local area, people from all over the world can view your site and do business with you. 

Without one, you are going to be losing out on many prospective clients and sales. And when it comes to making money ON THE INTERNET. having a website is 100% the best way to build your business. 

What is domain name?

If you want to have a serious online business, you NEED your own domain name.

Why do you need a domain name?

There are plenty of free web hosts out there who will let you host your site on their server without owning your domain. You need to have your own domain so that you can build EQUITY in your «virtual real estate». If you don’t own your domain, it’s kind of like renting a home instead of buying it.You’d be building equity in someone else’s property for them. 

By building equity in your own online property, it becomes an asset that you can keep for the long term, or sell to an investor. Okay, hopefully you understand why it’s so important to have your own domain. Now let’s talk about what type of domain you should register. 

Domain Extensions

It really depends on what you’re going to be using the domain for. If it’s going to be primary domain for your business, I’d settle for nothing less than a.COM’s have long been considered the «gold standard» of the domain name industry. It is the most memorable extension for most of the general public, and could be viewed more favorably by potential investors if you should choose to sell your business someday. 

However, if the domain is not intended to be the central identifying address for your business, there are some other good options available. The next best domain extensions are generally considered to be .NET – .INFO 

. If your website is going to be an information source designed to help people, then .INF can be used. When a web user sees your website listed on a search engine, they will think it is legit. 

ORG extension might create an element of trust which causes them to be more likely to click onto your site . If that wasn’t available, you could look to see if other extensions are available . If those were not available, look at adding another word to the domain. 

What about hyphens?

This is a very common question that I am asked. I have not seen this to be the case, but it is something to be mindful of. A good strategy would probably be to build your VRE empire using some hyphenated domains and some non-hyphenated domains.

Domain pitfalls to avoid

Okay, so now that you know how to choose a domain, let’s look at exactly how to register one….

Registering your domain

If you’ve already found a good and reliable registrar, feel free to stick with them. One of the most important features is having a registrar that allows you to QUICKLY and EASILY change your DNS by yourself. You will need to use that feature right away. I also suggest using one that allows you to easily create your own name servers.  At UserKaluwasha Hosting, you can get a domain at an outstanding price. This company offers over 50 domain name extensions from which to select. With each and every domain registration, you can also take full advantage of our user–friendly and uncomplicated Domain Names Manager tool. It is also possible to instantly modify your WHOIS info, to enable WHOIS Privacy Protection and even to get hold of SSL Certificates for your domain names.

We won’t go into details of using name servers’s feature today, but it’s a good one to have in case you want to use it in the future. If you want to have a website, you NEED web hosting. It’s simply impossible to have a website without it. 

What is web hosting?

The web server is designed to «serve» your web pages to visitors when they go to your web address. Let’s just say it’s no fun to invest your time and money into launching a website, and then experience constant problems because of an inadequate web host. At UserKaluwasha Hosting, they have also created a completely new Online Control Panel. It is developed to function in the cloud and also to take advantage of our shared hosting system. For that reason, it functions better compared with any other Control Panels these days. And, it enables you to handle everything out of just a single place, without resorting to any additional billing or domain management panels.

Some of the features that I have found to be extra helpful include….

You’ll receive quite a few freely available bonuses that can make your work as a webmaster really simple. You intend to get yourself a unique website online? Using the Website Installer, you are able to release a new site that uses a custom–made theme within four clear steps. You need to get a different web application installed? With  Web Applications tool, you can do that with absolutely no setup demanded. If you want to additionally boost your web site – we have made a collection of Web Accelerators which are excellent for the task. And that’s simply a modest fraction of what you’ll see in our Online Control Panel.

So if you’ve been worried about how you’re going to set up a blog or forum, this is the way to go.

Which hosting plan should you choose?

As I mentioned, even their smallest plan is plenty big for most sites. However, there are a couple of factors that you may want to take into consideration. The most important question to ask yourself is how many websites you plan on launching. You could go with the «Hatchling» or the «Baby», which is probably a little better value because it has more resources. 

On the other hand, if you plan on launching multiple sites, your best value is going to be a «Reseller» account. Instead of having to buy another hosting account each time you want to launch a new website, you can simply launch as many as you want and never pay any extra. Of course you still have to pay to register the domains , but you don’t have to buy more hosting. It’s also great because you have the freedom to launch sites whenever you want. 

UserKaluwasha Hosting’s shared hosting deals are just what you’re looking for if web site security is important to you and if you’d like your web content to be loaded more quickly to your targeted visitors. Built with enterprise–grade hardware components, our cutting–edge shared hosting platform guarantees a flawless performance for your site(s). And if you want us to move your content, we’ll do this free of cost for you.

You don’t have to wait for the web host to set up a new account every time you want to launch a new site. If you plan on hosting a lot of big media files then you might want to go for one of the bigger reseller plans, like the «Copper». On the other hand, you can upgrade at any time, so if you’re unsure,then you might as well start out with the «Aluminum». In fact, I’ve got about 40 websites hosted on one of their «Aluminum» reseller plans, and never had any trouble with it. 

Get Your Site Online Now!

Since this is the web host that I personally use, I went ahead and arranged a special discount code for you to use.Get your Site Online As Little As $2.75

A review of UserKaluwasha Hosting

We, at plugandprofit.online, have picked ‘UserKaluwasha Hosting‘ to be our present domain name and hosting distributor. Therefore we suppose that this concise evaluation of ‘UserKaluwasha Hosting’ is probably going to be quite helpful for other people from all over the World who are searching for domain name and web hosting services. We state people from all around the World, because the mere fact is that ‘UserKaluwasha Hosting’ presently delivers domain and hosting services in multiple data center sites: in the US (Chicago, IL), in England (Maidenhead, 20 miles outside London), in Sweden (Stockholm) and in Australia (Sydney). Thus, covering approximately the whole Earth. At least from the point of view of the World Wide Web. So, here is what you could anticipate from ‘UserKaluwasha Hosting’ in a nutshell:

Shared Web Page Hosting Accounts

The initial thing we, at plugandprofit.online, have perceived is the low-cost prices of the shared web site hosting services furnished by ‘UserKaluwasha Hosting’. Shared doesn’t seem very good, does it? Well, that’s what it is referred to as: shared hosting. The good news here is that the website hosting packages furnished by ‘UserKaluwasha Hosting’ are powered by a custom built, cutting edge cloud web hosting platform (each web hosting service, such as mail, databases, web space hosting Control Panel, web space, DNS, stats, and so on, runs on a separate host of servers in a cluster). This is a circumstance EVERY cPanel web hosting firm on the Earth will have immense difficulties with, since cPanel is a one single server based site hosting environment (each web hosting service, such as mail, databases, web page hosting Control Panel, data storage, DNS, stats, etc., is being tackled by a single hosting server), cPanel is not open source (hence the cPanel website hosting providers are unable to include additional functionality and handle it the way they need it) and there is no open source file system (they need to build their own file platform), which is at the bottom of any cloud web hosting service. Let’s get back to the shared web page hosting packages, which are powered by a real clustered website hosting platform. With a shared web hosting package, each client pays solely for his/her package, thus maintaining the webspace hosting price really low (since many clients share the same hosting server). To cut a long story short, a shared hosting plan, which is hosted on a clustered website hosting system, permits you to pay solely for the reserves that you really demand, evading a situation where you pay for a powerful web hosting account that you cannot truly utilize, or for a small hosting account that cannot shelter your web site. The option to upgrade your account from one package to another with just two clicks gives you the flexibility to kick off with a small package and upgrade as your online presence grows. In this way, you economize cash that you can invest in promoting the website while it is still brand new. Each site hosting package offered by ‘UserKaluwasha Hosting’ comes with an online website building tool and over 40 popular script software platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Zen Cart and Moodle that will spare you hundreds of dollars for web site design solutions. ‘UserKaluwasha Hosting’ distributes shared website hosting solutions in several different regions across the Globe. There is one data center in Chicago covering the US and Canada; 2 European data center facilities – in England and in Scandinavia; and another one in Australia, which covers the Asia Pacific region. In this way, almost the whole Earth is covered to present you and your visitors with a steady and fast web page hosting solution at a desired location. Altogether, the shared hosting plans offered ‘UserKaluwasha Hosting’ are very well equipped and come at a cut-rate price (beginning from $2.75 for the Standard plan).

Semi-dedicated Hosting Servers

To customers with little to no practice, a virtual server may seem complicated to administer. That’s probably why ‘UserKaluwasha Hosting’ also offers semi-dedicated web servers in its principal US datacenter facility in Chicago. Handling these accounts is comparable to managing a regular shared web space hosting package via a webspace hosting Control Panel tool. They have all the features of a shared web page hosting account such as a free-of-cost web site building tool and a web app installer, but the amount of system resources typical of a semi-dedicated web hosting package is many times bigger than that of a shared webspace hosting plan. For example, the CPU power that can be used is nearly FIVE times as much as compared with the shared hosting accounts. When compared to a shared web page hosting package, the number of database queries added within the semi-dedicated hosting accounts is vast: 90 000 / hour. An unlimited hosted Top-Level Domain allowance is a pattern as well. The semi-dedicated server web hosting plans do not ship with complete root access (we, at plugandprofit.online, consider this a small weakness), but the plus is that they are managed through the same web hosting Control Panel user interface as the shared website hosting accounts. This goes to say that a known graphical environment is accessible by all clients who do not have enough self-condifence to manage a VPS, but at the same time require more power and features than a VPS web server can give them. This is like that because the semi-dedicated hosting servers share the system resources of the same powerful avant-garde servers as the ones which host the VPS web hosting server plans, yet, the number of the semi-dedicated servers is very low (somewhere between twenty to 30 per server), while the VPS hosting servers can reach a much greater number (eighty to 120 per physical machine). Having that information in mind, the semi-dedicated servers provided by ‘UserKaluwasha Hosting’ can be defined as being very cheap (as far as cost is concerned), starting from $20.00 for the Fast package.

Dedicated Web Servers

According to plugandprofit.online, enormous websites such as social networks, community and corporate web portals or popular online stores with 1000s of customers need a much more powerful web site hosting platform. It seems that the guys from ‘UserKaluwasha Hosting’ have arrived at the same conclusion too. To satisfy its customers’ needs, ‘UserKaluwasha Hosting’ supplies a collection of dedicated hosting servers that can tackle millions of daily visits. That evaluation rests on the hardware configurations the dedicated hosting servers have: many-core processors, up to 4 GB of RAM, 2000 gigabytes of disk space and Gigabit network cards will definitely ensure the quick and steady performance of any sort of website. In ‘UserKaluwasha Hosting’s opinion, the primary hardware specs can be upgraded for more resource-requiring websites. We, from plugandprofit.online, consider that all dedicated server packages offered by ‘UserKaluwasha Hosting’ are also suitable for initiating a hosting reseller business as each and every dedicated web hosting server arrives with free-of-cost invoicing software platform and a charge-free domain reseller account. Unlickily, the dedicated web hosting servers supplied by ‘UserKaluwasha Hosting’ are all unmanaged. We, at plugandprofit.online, think that this is a minor weak point, which can be righted by paying a monthly fee of $32.00 USD. So, if you are in need of backing, the Managed Services upgrade includes a handful of additional services such as a regular backup, software installation, server monitoring and troubleshooting operations. An array of website hosting CP (CP) interfaces are offered with each of the dedicated hosting servers – Hepsia, cPanel and DirectAdmin. Our (plugandprofit.online’s) prognosis is that the exceptional drag-and-drop File Manager available in the Hepsia web space hosting CP will possibly make the utilization of any FTP software program futile. Our (plugandprofit.online’s) inference is that the dedicated servers provided by ‘UserKaluwasha Hosting’ don’t seem to be very inexpensive (still the Hepsia web space hosting CP and the unmetered hosted domain name quotas will undoubtedly make you smile), starting from $69.50 for the Atom 1 plan.

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