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What We Know About Habits and Neural Pattens

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According to the latest research, it takes anywhere from a few weeks to a year to add a new habit to your neural profile. Simple habits require less time for the desired behaviour to take hold. (SOURCE)

But what if you have always thought and believed you’re not good enough, not smart enough; that you’re unworthy . . . and that if you fail, you’ll be embarrassed, ashamed, and ridiculed? If this is the case, you have some work to do. You’ll need to retrain your brain to successfully break free from what’s keeping you from reaching your goals. You see, a brain that feels its ego is being threatened will revert to its comfort zone. A mind in turmoil will return to the safety of old habits because there’s stress when there’s chaos. 

And when there’s stress, blood flow moves away from the genius part of your brain . . . and the emotional response center of your brain gets flooded with fear.  When this happens, a part of your brain called the amygdala responds to the whole fear-based situation by shutting down your motivation circuits.  So to release fearful emotions and nurture the genius part of your brain, do today’s Innercise. With practice, you can unlock your brain’s full potential.  DO TODAY’S INNERCISE  
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