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How Can You Not Love Google?

We all know that Google is the 900 lb gorilla when it comes to web search,
but there is a lot more to this behemoth than may not be easily apparent.
There is a wealth of applications, tools, and services that can not only
enhance your business, but increase your productivity many times over.

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Let’s take a look at a few of the free tools Google provides:

Google Plus – Also referred to as Google+, this is Google’s social
network which is growing in popularity every day. Don’t like Facebook?
You might like the differences that Google+ offers.

Alerts – Google Alerts are email notices of anything Google comes across
that is of interest to you. You set keywords and they deliver topical info.
A great way to keep up on the news of your market or your competitors.

Chrome – Google’s web browser. It’s very fast, and popular nowadays.

Toolbar – Google’s toolbar is a useful tool for webmasters. If you’ve
got your own website, check out Google Toolbar!

Trends – Keep up with the latest trends in your market or niche. You can
see hot searches and topics, as well as historical data.

Labs – See what’s next in the Google pipeline before it makes it into
the mainstream. Many of these tools are available to use while in labs.

Blogger – Google’s self-serve blogging platform. It’s very easy to
use. You can set up your own blog and be online in minutes.

Calendar – A very useful app for scheduling your day, week month and
year. It’s easy to use and integrate with other apps.

Google Docs – A suite of productivity tools similar to Word that can not
only help you you do simple tasks, but also to work in collaboration with
anyone you choose.

Gmail – A very popular and effective email program, Gmail is becoming
ubiquitous on the Web. Nearly everyone has one these days, and they have a business application as well. It’s got lots of storage and features.

Google Reader – Google Reader lets you find and compile all your
favourite news feeds here in one place and read them conveniently. It’s
very simple to use and can save you lots of time.

This is just the tip of the iceberg! There is much more, but there are of
particular interest to marketers. See what works for you and put Google to
work! They are ALL just a Google search away…


Charles Kaluwasha

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