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5 Steps to becoming a successful affiliate marketer

The following five steps are all it takes to become an affiliate marketer. For the purpose of this article, today we shall discuss only two steps. Look out for the remaining three steps in your email box.

Choose a niche

Your niche is one of the biggest determining factors of your success in generating money. You could start off looking at REI for products and Zappos for outdoor footwear for inspiration. The emphasis here is on finding your niche within broader subjects. A niche can really help you shine in any form of content marketing.

This site includes hundreds of running shoe reviews, and ‘best of’ pages movie fans might specialize in classic movie re-releases.

Generate and grow income

By now, we get the linking people to products concept.

Affiliate networks

Acting as an intermediary between a merchant and the affiliate, an affiliate network is like a marketplace holding a large database of affiliate opportunities. Amazon’s Amazon Associates is by far the biggest network. Simply join, choose which products to advertise and generate as many custom affiliate links to Amazon products.

Find the right products to promote

Affiliate marketplaces like the ones mentioned are the best hunting ground for your product research. Browse your niche and see what the top-performing affiliate programs. Additionally, check out blog posts and articles in your niche. Find out what products they are promoting and the methods they are using.


That’s not to say that you should be using each product you recommend. You should just trust that the product is worth your visitors’ hard-earned cash. It won’t serve you well to willingly recommend anything that may affect your reputation among your site visitors. If a product doesn’t rate well, it’s advantageous all-round to offer alternatives.

Product vs. Browsing between products, you’ll notice a steep difference in the amount of commission offered from one to the next. Often, you’ll find there is a trade-off between the quality of a product and the commission paid. Naturally, it’s tempting to gravitate toward the products that pay the most per sale.

But, realistically, if those products are unlikely to convert, they might not be the best fit.

Product B: $200

Product B: $45

Before getting tempted by high paying products, think about the likelihood of conversion. Your ability to sell this product will dictate your overall commission. One of the most important parts of the affiliate business is finding relevant, quality products to promote. It’s natural to wonder whether the end consumer is at a disadvantage when buying products through an affiliate recommendation.

Since the cost of the affiliate network is included in the recommended retail price, the customer won’t pay more by following an affiliate marketing link and making a purchase that way.

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