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Daily Routine For Network Marketers

People don’t succeed because they are doing what is ‘un-natural’ to them . In school and a job,people are told ‘what’ to do and they usually have a list of assignments. This typically is not the case in Network Marketing. New recruits do 1-2 things and within 72 hours are out of ideas and people to talk to, therefore they become discouraged and though they may love their product and or service,they quit. 

One of the biggest secrets is to get people to do something nearly ‘every’ day and give them specific things that are simple to do. The reason why I say simple is because most people have 9-5 jobs and if its not simple, they won’t do it long-term. 


If they are not willing to invest that kind of time, forget it. If you make something too complicated and too overwhelming, no action will be taken, thus no duplication and in the end, no money. So I’ve put together 5 simple keys that you can do each and every day. Anyone with a full time job or a family can do it. 

Take it from me, married and have 4 children and 2 grand children. So, here is the DAILY routine that you should follow. If you can get your team to do the exact same routine, you will see consistent growth within your business. 

KEY #1 – Create a social media post, blog, or video every single day. Check out my personal
Facebook and others as an example.
KEY #2 – Add 5-10 new friends on social media daily and start conversations about life and business.

KEY #3 – Follow up on previous contacts who you exposed the business too, online or offline. 

KEY #4 – Attend a live webinar, home meeting, or training event.

KEY #5 – Minimum of 15 minutes per day of personal development. Download ‘Club Prosperity’ to your phone. This will give you everything all in one place for FREE!

 I promise you, if you follow these keys, both you and your team-members can and will have success. Discipline is the bridge between you and your goals coming to fruition. Success is doing many little steps consistently over a period of time. 


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