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On this page you can see what others say about Charles Kaluwasha and the difference he has made to different organisations and individuals to achieve their objectives and goals in life.

Thanks from Care Flight

Dear Mr Kaluwasha It’s the end of the financial year and I want to thank you for the difference you have made to those who have been cared for by CareFlight. In the past 12 months, your support helped us care for 23 seriously ill or injured patients, every day. You’ve helped us treat and transport around 8,500 patients across the country to receive the medical care they need.

And, thanks to you we’ve put critical lifesaving skills into the hands of 973 first responders who may be likely to attend accident scenes, through our MediSim trauma care workshops, delivered in remote and regional areas across Australia. Below is your annual receipt for your regular Support Crew Member gifts made in the 2018/2019 financial year. On behalf of everyone here at CareFlight, our patients and their families, thank you for your generous support.

Yours sincerely,

Mick Frewen Chief Executive Officer, CareFlight
– https://donate.careflight.org/page.redir?target=http%3a%2f%2fcareflight.org%2f&srcid=5797&srctid=1&erid=671120&trid=

Testimonial by Gabrielle Jane Gibson

To Whom it May Concern I have known Charles Vincent Kauwasha for many long years now since we first met in Accident and Emergency department of Hutt Hospital Lower Hutt New Zealand, where he was an emergency nurse. I had a problem with my heart and very quickly learnt to trust him with my life! we got talking about our businesses and exchanged contact details. Charles has been a loyal friend and business contact here and on whatsapp etc ever since that time, even after he moved from New Zealand to Australia. Charles is a very honest, loyal and trustworthy person, both in business and as a friend. I highly recommend Charles as a safe person to know and do business with. Gabrielle Jane Gibson Artist- Author Visual Creations Unlimited Limited.

– Gabrielle Jane Gibson – http://www.visualcreations.co.nz/

Testimonial by Jacob Joseph Sakala


I studied with Vincent Kaluwasha at this school of nursing he was always a role model student we all looked up to very articulate and knowlegeable. I Studied with Vincent Kaluwasha during this programme. A highly skilled and knowledgeable individual. Passionate about Occupational Health and would suitably work in theis capacity any where in the world

– Jacob Joseph Sakala – http://www.checkcompany.co.uk/director/4136368/MR-JACOB-JOSEPH-SAKALA

Testimonial by Kelvin Chisanga


A unique and profound CEO I have seen in our times, I have seen the caliber in Charles. Charles has a performing influence drive from his desires to do work in an extra-ordinary way. Charles is a deliver, you will not regret working on projects with him. I worked with Charles but at a different company.

– Kelvin Chisanga – 


Testimonial by Lucius Chongo


With his humble beginnings overseas, Charles would be a perfect mentor for someone feeling trapped with not much to look forward to in future. Listen to his story and be amazed and inspired… starting with nothing to where he is! He will teach you about the power of perseverance. Well done Charles!

– Lucius Chongo – https://au.linkedin.com/in/lucius-chongo-44766b99

Ivan Bosjank former student of lifeonthenenet7.com consultancy services


Charles has provided me with many – free but easy to use marketing tools. If you are new to affiliate marketing – Charles is the best person to go to.

– ivana Bosnjak – https://www.linkedin.com/in/ivanabosnjak/

What Michelle Jayes says about Charles Kaluwasha


Charles is a man with a great deal of integrity and takes pride in his work. Michelle Jayes Online-Income-Business.com

– Michelle Jayes – https://www.pinterest.com/michellejayes/

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